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UX Designer

Design + Experience

Every designer should inherantly be an experience designer. A gorgeous design means nothing if users can't use it. Designing to make the world a more functional place is priority one for me.

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.

— Paul Rand

Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works.

— Steve Jobs

Design is thinking made visual.

— Paul Rand

Print + Branding

While working at Cal State Monterey Bay, I learned to apply a consistent brand across a wide variety of mediums. This included not only flyers, posters, and brochures, but newspaper ads, environmental signage, and clothing. Each project was taken from concept, to print.

Wearables + More

Adapting designs for use across wearable and other smart devices. The same rules that apply to smart phones and tablets have no place in the wearable world. The way we use a smart watch varies greatly from how we use our phones, and we need to adapt accordingly.

Edison Software

Edison Software (formerly EasilyDo, Inc.) is a consumer technology company with a mission to transform how people communicate by innovating technology and creating intelligence.

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Left Hook Design

Design that packs a pretty punch. A design studio offering branding, web, mobile, and more print services.

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So, about me...

Female. Badass. I spend my nine‑to‑five designing for Edison Software, headquartered in Silicon Valley. After hours I love working with other brands, and clients of all backgrounds. Follow @lefthook.design on Instagram for my recent projects. The rest of my time is spent in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (just outside Portland, OR). Home is where my pets are (dogs and cats) and I'm an outdoor junky who loves unplugging to spend some time in nature. Always active, I grew up in the Northern California Mountains backpacking, hiking, skiing, and swimming. The only sport I follow religiously is motorcycle racing, and I learned to ride my own dirtbike when I was eleven. I believe that great things never came from comfort zones, and good things come to those who hustle. I have been blessed to work with incredible mentors, on amazing projects that have allowed me to learn the industry top‑to‑bottom.




















Sep 2017

Creative Director (present)

Left Hook Design, LLC

A creative studio where I have the freedom to work on any projects I want, and publish any art I feel like creating.

Jul 2013

Senior Designer (present)

Edison Software

Design interfaces and experiences that help achieve company goals. I have my hands in everything from mobile to web, and product.

May 2013

B.S. in Communication Design

Web Design & Development

I graduated from Cal State University, Monterey Bay, in Spring, 2013 with Cum Laude honors, an emphasis in Web Design and Development and distinction in my major.

Feb 2011

Production Designer

Cal State University, Monterey Bay

Under the supervision of the senior staff in University Communications, I assisted the graphic design team with design, layout, and pre-press for print and web productions. Also regularly coordinated daily workflow and project scheduling.

Fall 2010

Asilomar Centennial Website

Group Collaboration Project

A temporary website to invite former guests to visit the Asilomar Conference Grounds for their 100 year anniversary.

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